March 23, 2020Bunnell Halts All Facility Rentals and Additional Measures Taken
March 23, 2020Bunnell Hall to Operate by Appointment Only
March 17, 2020Bunnell To Modify How Face-to-Face Business is done at City Hall
March 10, 2020Bunnell Takes Control of its Future: Master Utility Plan Adopted
February 27, 2020City of Bunnell Presents: Artisans at the Crossroads
February 25, 2020Bunnell PD Welcomes New Detective
February 25, 2020City Receives REDI Funding
February 13, 2020Commission Advances
February 13, 2020Florida League of Cities Recognizes Mayor Robinson
February 12, 2020Pinning Ceremony Officially Promotes 2 Officers
January 15, 2020Bunnell Advances Onward


December 23, 2019Premier Food Trucks is Growing
December 19, 2019Bunnell Adopts Business Incentive Program
December 12, 2019Bunnell Awarded Another REDI Cost Sharing Grant
December 4, 2019Bunnell Considers Creation of a Business Incentive Program
December 3, 2019Bunnell Burglar Box Depot: Don't be a Victim of Crime
October 31, 2019Bunnell Notified of a Complaint Filed with U.S. DOJ RE: Cold Weather Shelter
October 16, 2019Bunnell's Adopted Strategic Plan Ties Months of Taking Steps into a Set Direction
October 1, 2019Bunnell PD Arrests Qunard D. R. Doctor
September 25, 2019Bunnell's Adopted Fiscal Year 2019/2020 budget Takes Steps to Address City Needs
August 2, 2019Temporary Closure of North Anderson St
July 10, 2019Temporary Closure of Deen Road and Detour Alert
July 6, 2019Deen Road Area Schedule of Work
June 27, 2019North Anderson St Open
June 26, 2019Cookie Citation is Back
June 21, 2019Officer Matt Hirschi Awarded Crime Stoppers Spirit Award
June 21, 2019
7:45 AM
Update of Temporary Road Closure Related to the Westside Storm and Sanitary Improvements
June 20, 2019Temporary Closure of Deen Rd Area and Detour Alert UPDATE
June 19, 2019Temporary Closure of N. Anderson St for Lift Station Repair
June 17, 2019Temporary Closure of Deen Rd Area and Detour Alert UPDATE
June 12, 2019Temporary Road Closure for the Westside Storm and Sanitary Improvements
May 16, 2019Temporary Closure E. Woodland from SR 100 to N. Anderson
May 1, 2019Temporary Closure E. Woodland from SR 100 to N. Anderson
April 22, 2019State of City: A Time to Celebrate Bunnell
March 22, 2019Early Learning Coalition Expands Officer Friendly
Program to Bunnell Police Department
February 27, 2019Commission Enacts Motion Picture Ordinance
February 27, 20192 Bunnell Buildings Added to National Register of Historic Places
February 1, 2019Motion Picture Ordinance in the Works for Bunnell
February 1, 2019Bunnell Police Department Promotes 2
February 1, 2019With an Eye Toward Growth City Approves Creating Master Utility Plan