Building Permit: Application Employment Application (City)
Building Permit: Contractor Affidavit Employment Application (Police)
Building Permit: Demolition Permit Application Event Disclosure Form
Building Permit: Fence Permit Application Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program Application
Building Permit: Mobile Home Permit Suplemental Information Local Business Tax Receipt (LBTR): Application
Building Permit: Notice of Commencement LBTR: Application Instructions
Building Permit: Owner Builder Affidavit LBTR: Handyman Guidelines
Building Permit: Right of Way Access Permit Request LBTR: Home Occupation Affidavit - Class A
Building Permit: Sign Permit Application LBTR: Home Occupation Affidavit - Class B
Building Permit: Tree Permit Application LBTR: Mobile Food Truck Application
Community Development: Development Application Packet LBTR: Mobile Vendor Application
Community Development: Code Enforcement Complaint Form LBTR: Temporary Vendor Application
Community Development: Petition for Voluntary Annexation Public Records Request Form
Community Development: Special Exception Application Tax Exempt Certificate
Community Development: Variance Application Volunteer Advisory Board and Committee Application