Department: Administrative and Finance

     Executive Administrative Assistant to the City Manager / HR Officer
     Finance Director
     Finance Specialist
     Information Technology Specialist
     Proprietary Funds Accountant
     Utility Billing Specialist
     Utility Clerk/Cashier

Department: Clerks Office

     City Clerk
     Deputy City Clerk

Department: Community Development and Building

     Administrative Assistant
     Community Development Coordinator
     Community Development Director
     Senior Planner

Department: Engineering

     City Engineer

Department: Executive

     City Manager

Department: Law Enforcement

     Administrative Assistant
     Chief of Police
     Police Corporal
     Police Officer
     Police Records / Evidence Clerk
     Reserve Officer

Department: Public Works

     Fleet Manager
     Maintenance Mechanic
     Maintenance Technician

Department: Solid Waste

     Solid Waste Director

Department: Utilities - City of Bunnell

     Administrative Assistant
     Chief Operator
     Lead Wastewater Plant Operator
     Lead Water Plant Operator
     Maintenance Supervisor
     Utilities Director
     Maintenance Technician 1 Trainee