Volunteer FireFighter Pension Board

The Volunteer Firefighter Pension Board, otherwise known as the Board of Trustees of the City of Bunnell Volunteer Firefighters Retirement System, is enabled by Section 34-73 of the City of Bunnell Code of Ordinances. The board shall consist of five trustees, two of whom, unless otherwise prohibited by law, shall be legal residents of the city, who shall be appointed by the city commission, and two of whom shall be members of the system, who shall be elected by a majority of the firefighters who are members of the system. The fifth trustee shall be chosen by a majority of the previous four trustees as provided for herein, and such person's name shall be submitted to the city commission. Upon receipt of the fifth person's name, the city commission shall, as a ministerial duty, appoint such person to the board of trustees as its fifth trustee.

The sole and exclusive administration of and responsibility for the proper operation of the retirement system is hereby vested in a board of trustees. The board is hereby designated as the plan administrator.

Terms: 3 years

Term Limits: None

Volunteer Firefighter Pension Board Members

Derek Fraser, Fire Chief
P.J. Calandro
Delories Hall
Gerald Hughes
Pete Young