Water Treatment Facility

Ion-Exchange Water Treatment Plant

The City currently operates a 1 million gallon per day water treatment facility. The treatment process employed is Ion-Exchange, a state-of-the-art facility. The Technology involved is a 6 step process:

Our drinking water is pumped from the ground via one or more of five public wells.

  • *   The raw water is aerated to drive off hydrogen sulfide gas that would otherwise cause the water to have an obnoxious odor.
  • *   The water is then brought into contact with a dual-phased ion exchange resin that binds with naturally occurring dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron as well as organic matter thus removing these constituents from the aerated water.
  • *   The water is then filtered to capture fine particulates
  • *   The next step involves chlorine disinfection
  • *   Lastly a pH adjustment step occurs to ensure the finished water is slightly higher in pH than neutral

The water is then ready for storage or immediate distribution to our customers. Automatic resin regeneration episodes occur to ensure resin is always fresh and ready for its appointed tasks.

On behalf of the City, and the Public Works and Engineering Staff, we sincerely hope you enjoy your new water quality and we thank you for your patience during the construction process. Who were the main players on the project? Engineer of Record – McKim and Creed, General Contractor – TLC Diversified, Interim Financing – Ameris Bank, Low Interest Loan and Grant – USDA, Low Interest Loan – FDEP and City Staff.

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